Mary, Star of the Sea School provides a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum for each student that fulfills our philosophy and mission, strengthens Catholic identity, and results in achievement of the student learning expectations. The ultimate goal is to build a continuum of learning that makes sense for all students; one that builds upon itself to create the cumulative effect desired. To achieve that goal, Mary, Star of the Sea School offers a comprehensive, integrated and balanced curricula.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations:   The school is committed to integrating the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) into the students daily activities.   Students are aware of the SLEs and learn where they are in their growth to become an active christian, lifelong independent learner, self-Aware confident individual, and responsible citizen.  Click below to access the SLEs of our school.

Primary & Intermediate School SLEs

Middle School SLEs

Reading:  The reading program is an area of major emphasis in grades 1 through 8. Mary, Star of the Sea provides a caring environment for students so that they feel the support from faculty and other students. [Read More…]

Mathematics:  Mary, Star of the Sea School’s mathematics curriculum encompasses a broad and in-depth study. Our textbooks are up to date and in accordance with the National Council of Mathematics Teachers standards. [Read More…]

Science:  In the years 1 through 8, the students at Mary, Star of the Sea will spend each year studying science topics that will cover Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and Health. The goal is to develop deeper understanding in those areas as the layers of information are added each year. [Read More…]

Social Studies is an interdisciplinary subject that encompasses history, political science, geography, economics, and sociology. The social studies curriculum is sequential, beginning with a focus on family and community, and then expanding to a study of Hawai‘i, the United States and the world. [Read More…]

Religion:  The school provides a challenging, coherent, and relevant curriculum for each student that fulfills the school’s philosophy and mission, strengthens Catholic identity and results in student achievement of the Religion Curriculum expectations. [Read More…]

Language Arts/Writing:  In each subject area writing is the universal communicator of students’ thoughts. Writing activities in portfolio assignments, journal reflections, in-depth analysis research papers and essays, and career development projects all enable students to practice the art of writing and communicating personal thoughts and beliefs. [Read More…]

Technology:  Mary, Star of the Sea School’s computer curriculum offers an environment where students learn computer applications and perform projects that integrate closely with assignments in their other classes. [Read More…]

Art:  In accordance with Mary, Star of the Sea School’s mandate for growth, discovery and commitment to Christian preparedness, art is seen as an integral piece of the total formation. The art curriculum is based on the NAEA (National Art Education Association) standards. [Read More…]

Physical Education:  The mission of the Mary, Star of the Sea physical education program is to foster a positive learning environment in which students actively learn and participate. This environment enables the students to learn the history of volleyball, basketball, baseball, and football. [Read More…]

Music:  Mary, Star of the Sea School is committed to the education of the whole child. As part of this commitment, music is seen as an essential part of the student’s experiences. [Read More…]

Foreign Languages:  Our middle school program offers the opportunity for students to study either Hawaiian or Spanish Language.  Read More