In accordance with Star of the Sea School’s mandate for growth, discovery and commitment to Christian preparedness, art is seen as an integral piece of the total formation. The art curriculum is based on the NAEA (National Art Education Association) standards. These standards focus on building four essential areas of learning art in a sequential format:

  • Creative Expression
  • Art History
  • Art Criticism
  • Aesthetic Perception

Students are asked to verbalize and show through their art products, understanding of the concepts, materials, and techniques. Many times this will be done through integration with their other subjects and group work. Artwork will be done in two and three dimensions using a variety of mediums and tools.

Their finished art pieces become a part of their community environment as they are displayed throughout the school. Their art products are utilized in their other subjects, reports and presentations, as card designs, seasonal gifts, stage-sets, and in service projects.

Star of the Sea has the facility and provisions that constitute a quality art program.