The reading program is an area of major emphasis in grades 1 through 8. Star of the Sea provides a caring environment for students so that they feel the support from faculty and other students. The reading curriculum is designed to develop:

  • a positive self-image for every child through success in reading
  • acceptance of responsibility for being a self-learner
  • special talents and qualities while developing creativity and encouraging the utilization of creative ideas

The major focus of the curriculum is on reading for meaning. Comprehension skills are taught throughout all content areas, beginning at the earliest levels.

  • Decoding skills in grades 1 – 2 receive strong emphasis through a phonics program that emphasizes the integration of writing, phonemic structures and reading. Comprehensive and decoding skills are further developed by promoting the selection of good literature based on a wide selection of materials including poetry, short stories, drama, myths, legends, biography and historical novels.
  • In grades 4 and 5 the wide reading program focuses on people, events and relationships utilizing the lives of positive role models through the use of biography and role playing/drama.
  • In grades 6, 7 and 8 studying great literature focusing on the author’s techniques, style and form, through the use of various genre, receive greater emphasis.